Free Tangerine Orange Key for $50 Bonus!

Enter 41814563S1 under the Orange Key and receive a bonus.

Did you know new customers receive a cash bonus for a valid Tangerine Orange Key?

Simply copy and paste or enter the code below under the Tangerine Orange Key field when signing up and you will automatically be rewarded with a $50 bonus when you make your first deposit.


So how exactly do you get your $50 bonus?

1. Select the account type you want to open at and click on 'Enroll'.
2. Enter your info -- this is where you enter the Orange Key.
3. Write your account opening cheque of $250 or more to yourself and deposit it in your account.
4. You're done! Once your deposit shows up, you'll receive your $50 dollars bonus within 2-3 business days.

Even better, since you can deposit cheques by simply taking a photo from your phone or mobile device, you won't even have to mail in an account opening cheque! That's just one of the reasons we love banking with no-fee daily banking with interest on all your deposits.

Tangerine Orange Key Bonus
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How to Use Tangerine Orange Key